Lecture Notes: BioMedical Science


Lecture Notes: BioMedical Science

Lecture Notes: Biomedical Science Pdf

By Ian Lyons

Lecture Notes: BioMedical Science PDF provides the core biomedical science study and revision material that medical students need to know. Matching the common systems-based approach taken by the majority of medical schools, it provides concise, student-led content that is rooted in clinical relevance. The book is filled with learning features such as key definitions and key conditions and is cross-referenced to develop interdisciplinary awareness. Although designed predominantly for medical students, this new Lecture Notes book is also useful for students of dentistry, pharmacology, and nursing. Biomedical Science Lecture Notes provides: A brand new title in the award-winning Lecture Notes series A concise, full color study and revision guide A ‘one-stop-shop’ for the biomedical sciences clinical relevance and cross-referencing to develop interdisciplinary skills learning features such as key definitions to aid understanding

Table of Contents


1 Cell biology,

2 Molecular biology and genetics,

3 Biochemistry,

4 Physiology,

5 Pharmacology,

6 Cardiovascular system,

7 Respiratory system,

8 Gastrointestinal system,

9 Urinary system,

10 Endocrinology,

11 Integrative physiology,

12 Reproduction,

13 Embryology,

14 Anatomy,

15 Immunology,

16 Microbiology,

17 Neuroscience,

18 Statistics,

Index, 533

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