Illustrated Veterinary Pathology General and Systemic Pathology

Illustrated Veterinary Pathology General and Systemic Pathology PDF

By R.S. Chauhan (Author)

Illustrated Veterinary Pathology General and Systemic Pathology PDF. The very purpose of the Illustrated Veterinary Pathology is to provide The undergraduate Veterinary students a textbook with diagrams and photographs to make the text comprehensive. To broaden the scope further, laboratory methods, including post-mortem examination, histopathological procedures and clinicopathological procedures are also included in the appendices.

Table of Contents

Part A: General Veterinary Pathology
1. Introduction
2. Etiology
3. Genetic disorders developmental anomalies and monsters
4. Disturbances in growth
5. Disturbances in circulation
6. Disturbances in cell metabolism
7. Necrosis, gangrene and post-mortem changes
8. Disturbances in calcification and pigment metabolism
9. Inflammation and healing
10. Concretions
11. Immunity and Immunopathology
Part B: Systemic Pathology
12. Pathology of cutaneous system
13. Pathology of musculoskeletal system
14. Pathology of cardiovascular system
15. Pathology of respiratory system
16. Pathology of digestive system
17. Pathology ofhemopoietic and immune system
18. Pathology of urinary system
19. Pathology of genital system
20. Pathology of nervous system
21. Pathology of endocrine system, eyes and ear
22. Appendix
23. Index

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