Human-Animal Medicine: Clinical Approaches to Zoonoses, Toxicants and Other Shared Health Risks

By Lisa A. Conti and Peter MacGarr Rabinowitz

Human-Animal Medicine: Clinical Approaches to Zoonoses, Toxicants and Other Shared Health Risks PDF is an innovative reference exploring the unprecedented convergence of human, animal, and environmental health, triggering global pandemics and requiring new clinical paradigms. The “One Health” approach calls for greater communication and cooperation between human health care providers, public health professionals, and veterinarians to better address vital issues of emerging diseases and environmental change. This incredibly timely book provides, for the first time, practical guidelines for “One Health” collaborations in a wide range of clinical human-animal health issues, including the H1N1 virus, zoonotic diseases, the human-animal bond, animal allergy, bites and stings, and animals as “sentinels” for toxic environmental health hazards.

  • UNIQUE! For each condition, specific steps human health care providers, veterinarians, and public health professionals must take to prevent and manage disease.
  • UNIQUE! Comparative tables of disease signs, diagnosis and treatment in humans and animals for easy reference.
  • UNIQUE! Guidelines to detect and improve environmental factors affecting the health of humans and animals.
  • Occupational health guidelines for preventive care of animal workers including veterinary personnel, farmers, pet store employees, and zoo workers.
  • Treatment of emerging disease issues including zoonoses, H1N1 virus, harmful algae blooms, and animal-related pesticides
  • UNIQUE! Sample protocols facilitate professional communication between veterinarians, human health clinicians, and public health professionals.
  • Legal and ethical aspects of “One Health” that human health providers and veterinarians need to know.
Table of Contents

1 The Convergence of Human and Animal Medicine

2 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human-Animal Medicine

3 Establishing a New Approach to Clinical Health History

4 Sentinel Disease Signs and Symptoms

5 Psychosocial and Therapeutic Aspects of Human-Animal Interaction

6 The Built Environment and Indoor Air Quality

7 Allergic Conditions

8 Toxic Exposures

9 Zoonoses

10 Infectious Disease Scenarios

11 Foodborne Illness

12 Occupational Health of Animal Workers

13 Public Health and Human-Animal Medicine

14 Shared Strategies to Maximize Human and Animal Health

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