Handbook of Symptoms in Dogs and Cats: Assessing Common Illnesses by Differential Diagnosis 3rd Edition

By Christian F. Schrey

Handbook of Symptoms in Dogs and Cats 3rd Edition PDF will be an invaluable practice resource, ideal as a quick look-up guide for common conditions. This book will allow vets to look up a condition and identify the cause of the problem through a list of symptoms. It includes one-hundred main symptoms and their differential diagnoses, and one-hundred laboratory findings, their standard values, analysis, and diagnostic pathways for each symptom, along with numerous tables for finding the confirming diagnosis. This practical and up-to-date manual is an indispensable companion for all small animal medicine veterinarians, as well as for students of veterinary medicine. Translated from Leitsymptome und Leitbefunde bei Hund und Katze: Differenzialdiagnostischer Leitfaden (3rd Ed.), published by Schattauer. *** “The format is particularly helpful for veterinary students and new graduates who are still developing their problem-based learning skills. This book will also be handy for seasoned practitioners who need to quickly formulate rule-out lists and diagnostic plans during a busy day of appointments.”

Table of Contents

1 General Symptoms

2 Cardiovascular Principal Symptoms

3 Respiratory Principal Symptoms

4 Gastrointestinal Principal Symptoms

5 Urological Principal Symptoms

6 Principal Symptoms of the Reproductive Tract

7 Neurological Principal Symptoms

8 Orthopaedic Principal Symptoms

9 Ophthalmological Principal Symptoms

10 Otological Principal Symptoms

11 Dermatological Principal Symptoms

12 Toxocological Principal Symptoms

13 Behavioural Disorders

14 Paediatrics

15 Geriatrics

16 Zoonoses

17 Laboratory Findings

18 Appendix: Normal Laboratory Values

19 Index

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