Handbook of Symptoms in Dogs and Cats: Assessing Common Illnesses by Differential Diagnosis 3rd Edition

Handbook Of Symptoms In Dogs And Cats 3Rd Edition

By Christian F. Schrey

Handbook of Symptoms in Dogs and Cats 3rd Edition PDF will be an invaluable practice resource, ideal as a quick look-up guide for common conditions. This book will allow vets to look up a condition and identify the cause of the problem through a list of symptoms. It includes one-hundred main symptoms and their differential diagnoses, and one-hundred laboratory findings, their standard values, analysis, and diagnostic pathways for each symptom, along with numerous tables for finding the confirming diagnosis. This practical and up-to-date manual is an indispensable companion for all small animal medicine veterinarians, as well as for students of veterinary medicine. Translated from Leitsymptome und Leitbefunde bei Hund und Katze: Differenzialdiagnostischer Leitfaden (3rd Ed.), published by Schattauer. *** “The format is particularly helpful for veterinary students and new graduates who are still developing their problem-based learning skills. This book will also be handy for seasoned practitioners who need to quickly formulate rule-out lists and diagnostic plans during a busy day of appointments.”

Table of Contents

1 General Symptoms

2 Cardiovascular Principal Symptoms

3 Respiratory Principal Symptoms

4 Gastrointestinal Principal Symptoms

5 Urological Principal Symptoms

6 Principal Symptoms of the Reproductive Tract

7 Neurological Principal Symptoms

8 Orthopaedic Principal Symptoms

9 Ophthalmological Principal Symptoms

10 Otological Principal Symptoms

11 Dermatological Principal Symptoms

12 Toxocological Principal Symptoms

13 Behavioural Disorders

14 Paediatrics

15 Geriatrics

16 Zoonoses

17 Laboratory Findings

18 Appendix: Normal Laboratory Values

19 Index

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