Handbook of Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Pain Management: Rodents

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Pain Management: Rodents pdf

By Cholawat Pacharinsak and Jennifer C. Smith

Rodents are the most commonly used species in biomedical research. Individuals conducting rodent research are often responsible to ensure that all areas of anesthesia and analgesia are performed humanely. Anesthetic agent selection, anesthetic monitoring, and postoperative pain assessment and management are essential to the institutional animal care and use program and contribute significantly to the 3Rs by reducing pain and/or distress and refining various procedures.

The Handbook of Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Pain Management: Rodents is the first book to capture multiple advances in this important area that greatly impacts various experimental methodologies. Richly illustrated in full color, the book serves as a quick reference source for investigators, veterinarians, technicians, and other animal caretakers charged with the care and use of rodents in a research setting. The unique format of this book also makes it extremely valuable to IACUC members, institutional officials, and occupational health and safety professionals.


  • Presents practical information in easily accessible ‘bullet point’ format
  • Covers anesthetic machine and related equipment, anesthetic management and monitoring, anesthesia and analgesia pharmacology, euthanasia, and record keeping
  • Written by well-recognized experts in the laboratory animal community
  • Provides extensive references to direct the reader to sources for further study of alternative techniques and their procedures
  • Concludes with a thorough chapter on Regulatory Management of Rodent Anesthesia which has global application

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Table of Contents

Terms and Definitions
Travs Seymour

Understanding Anesthetic Related Equipment
Daniel Pang

Anesthetic Pharmacology and Research Related Anesthetic Considerations
Robert D. Keegan

Management of Anesthesia
Jennifer C. Smith

Anesthesia Monitoring
Andre Shih

Special Techniques and Species
Cholawat Pacharinsak

Pain Management
Patricia Foley

C. Tyler Long

Regulatory Management of Rodent Anesthesia
Patrick Sharp

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