Fish Protection Technologies and Fish Ways for Downstream Migration

This book offers a comprehensive review of current systems for fish protection and downstream migration. It offers the first systematic description of the currently available technologies for fish protection at hydropower intakes, including accurate and timely data collected by the authors and other researchers. It describes how to design and test them in agreement with the guidelines established from the EU Water Framework Directive. The book includes important information about fish biology, with a special focus on swimming and migration mechanisms. It offers a robust bridge between concepts in applied ecology and civil hydraulic engineering, thus providing biologists and hydraulic engineers with an authoritative reference guide to both the theory and practice of fish protection. It is also of interest for planners, public authorities as well as environmental consultants.

  • Offers a practice-oriented reference guide to the design and operation of fish protection and bypass systems for descending fish
  • Describes alternative measures and new turbine types that promise less dangerous passage for fish
  • Discusses the use of early warning systems to guarantee a fish-friendly operation modus of hydropower plants
  • Includes extensive information on the swimming performance of fish and migration mechanisms

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