Feeding and Management of Foals and Growing Horses


Feeding and Management of Foals and Growing Horses

Feeding And Management Of Foals And Growing Horses

By Markku Saastamoinen

Feeding and Management of Foals and Growing Horses PDF offers the latest research-based findings to equip professionals involved in the breeding and raising of horses. Contributions were carefully selected and prepared by leading experts in their fields. The collection starts with a discussion of pregnant and lactating mares, followed by details on foal development, nutritional requirements, and feeding practices under different conditions. Special sections on young horses in training, parasite control as well as on health risks related to nutrition and exercise round off this unique and easy-to-read reference.

Today’s horses perform variety of roles and there are many categories of horses based on their breed, size and use, making adequate nutrition challenging. This book considers the links between health, proper dietary treatment and management practices to increase our understanding of the needs of growing horses. In addition, it highlights various innovations in equine nutrition and management to ensure animal wellbeing.

Veterinarians, animal nutritionist, and all stakeholders and people working in the horse industry will benefit from the presented knowledge. This book fills a literature gap to prevent health consequences and strengthen performance and physical development in equines.

Table of Contents
  1. Feeding of the Pregnant and Lactating Mare
  2. Growth and Development of the Horse
  3. Nutrition and Management at and after Weaning
  4. Feeding Growing Race Horses in Work
  5. Feeding Practices of Mares and Young Horses
  6. Health Risks of Growing Horses Related to Exercise and Parasite Control

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