Fasciolosis Causes, Challenges and Controls


Fasciolosis Causes, Challenges and Controls

Fasciolosis Causes, Challenges And Controls

By Dinesh Kumar Singh, Vinay Kumar Singh, Raghubir Narayan Singh, Pradeep Kumar

Fasciolosis Causes, Challenges and Controls PDF book provides an up-to-date review of fasciolosis, a disease caused by Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica, including its biology, transmission, epidemiology, host distribution, economic impact, and novel approaches for its diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

It first offers a brief overview of the history of the disease, the genetic diversity of the parasite and its distribution, and the ecology of the vector snail, which belongs to the Lymnaeidae/Planorbidae family. It also examines the current strategies and novel approaches for controlling the parasite, diagnosing infections and vaccine development.

Importantly, it highlights issues relating to the control of fasciolosis, including drug resistance, lack of effective diagnostics, and the parasite’s long-term survival strategies based on regulation and modulation of the host immune system.

Lastly, it discusses the novel control snail vectors using bait formulations, and synergetic and phototherapy treatment with chlorophyllin, which does not kill the vector.

  • Summarizes the biology, transmission and epidemiology of fascioliasis, as well as the genetic diversity of the parasite causing it
  • Highlights the immunodiagnostic strategies and strategies for identifying potential vaccine molecules against the parasite
  • Discusses novel methods of controlling the parasite through phototherapy of snails using chlorophyllin

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