Equine Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Equine Emergency And Critical Care Medicine Pdf

By Louise Southwood, Pamela A. Wilkins

Equine Emergency and Critical Care Medicine PDF. Early recognition of problems by owners, appropriate first aid, and timely referral by field veterinarians improve the chance of survival for horses requiring emergency management and critical care. With a view toward improving patient outcome, Equine Emergency and Critical Care Medicine is written by a team of enthusiastic equine specialists who explore a host of conditions that the equine veterinarian will encounter. Areas covered include:

  • Digestive, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, urogenital, and nervous systems
  • Neonatal diseases
  • Lacerations, wounds, and skin diseases requiring emergency care
  • Emergency ophthalmological problems
  • Toxicology
  • Antimicrobial drugs and nutritional support
  • Fluid, inotrope, and vasopressor therapy
  • Sedation and analgesia
  • Systemic inflammatory response
  • The postoperative colic patient
  • Critical care of the pregnant mare and neonate
  • The recumbent horse

For each disease or condition, the book includes an overview, key points, etiology/pathogenesis, clinical features, differential diagnosis, diagnosis, and management/treatment. It also provides step-by-step instructions on frequently performed procedures for the emergency/critical care patient. The text features a concise, bullet-point style to facilitate quick assimilation, along with color photos and useful charts and diagrams. Equine veterinarians will find this book an essential addition to their libraries.

Table of Contents

Emergency medicine

Digestive system and peritoneal disease; Louise L. Southwood

Musculoskeletal system; Liberty M. Getman and Troy N. Trumble

Respiratory tract; Mathew P. Gerard and Pamela A. Wilkins

Cardiovascular system; Melinda Frye, Vanessa Cook, Louise L. Southwood, and Pamela A. Wilkins

Urogenital system; Barbara L. Dallap Schaer and Deitrich Volkmann

Skin; Troy N. Trumble, Louise L. Southwood, and Robert Poppenga

Neurology; Pamela A. Wilkins

Eye and associated structures; Elizabeth J. Davidson and Mary E. Utter

Neonatology; Jane A. Axon and Pamela A. Wilkins

Toxicology; Robert Poppenga

Critical care

Monitoring; K. Gary Magdesian and Louise L. Southwood

Fluid therapy; Vanessa L. Cook and Louise L. Southwood

Inotrope and vasopressor therapy; Brett S. Tennent-Brown and Janice Seahorn

Sedation and analgesia; Janyce Seahorn

Nutritional support; Brett S. Tennent-Brown

Antimicrobial drugs; James A. Orsini

The systemic inflammatory response; Michelle H. Barton and K. Gary Magdesian

Postoperative colic patient; Louise L. Southwood

The pregnant mare; Pamela A. Wilkins

The neonate; Jane Axon and Pamela A. Wilkins

The recumbent horse; Pamela A. Wilkins

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