Diseases of Sheep 4th Edition

By I. D. Aitken

Diseases of Sheep 4th Edition PDF First published in 1983, Diseases of Sheep has become a definitive reference book on sheep diseases. This new edition has been revised and updated to maintain its original core structure and its international approach to the many diseases which affect sheep. Any veterinary surgeon or agriculturalist who works with sheep will continue to find the information in this book the most authoritative and comprehensive available.

  • Known to many as the “Moredun Sheep Book” because of its association with the Moredun Research Institute, long recognised as a centre of excellence in sheep disease research.
  • Special attention is given to specific regional disease problems in the Middle East, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America and South America.
  • Covers technical aspects of disease prevention and treatment, including uncommon diseases, as well as sheep welfare issues.
Table of Contents
Part I: Introduction.

1. Sheep: A UK Perspective on a World Resource: D A R Davies.

Part II: Welfare.

2. Sheep Welfare: Standards and Practices: A C Winter and J L Fitzpatrick.

3. Welfare of Fetal and Newborn Lambs: D J Mellor.

4. Sheep Welfare: Castration and Tail Docking: V Molony and J E Kent.

5. Sheep Welfare: Transport Of Sheep: J A Earl.

6. Slaughter of Sheep: D C Henderson.

Part III: Reproductive Physiology.

7. The Reproductive Cycle and Its Manipulation: D C Henderson and J J Robinson.

8. Ewe Management for Reproduction: L A Stubbings.

9. Management and Care of Rams: J Vipond and A Greig.

10. The Perinatal Period: D J Mellor and J C Hodgson.

Part IV: Reproductive Diseases.

11. Genital Abnormalities, Obstetrical Problems and Birth Injuries: J C Hindson and A C Winter.

12. Neonatal Conditions: D C Henderson.

13. Ram Infertility: A Greig.

14. Prolapse and Hernia: B D Hosie.

15. Mastitis and Contagious Agalactia: G H Watkins and J E T Jones.

16. Chlamydial Abortion: I D Aitken and D Longbottom.

17. Toxoplasmosis and Neosporosis: D Buxton and S M Rodger.

18. Border Disease: P F Nettleton and K Willoughby.

19. Other Infectious Causes of Abortion: R Mearns.

20. Brucella melitensis Infection: G Castrucci.

21. Ulcerative Balanitis and Vulvitis: A Greig.

Part V: Diseases Of The Alimentary System.

22. Diseases of the Oral Cavity: A L Ridler and D M West.

23. Clostridial Diseases: C J Lewis.

24. Mycobacterial Infections: J M Sharp.

25. Other Enteric Infections: R C Gumbrell.

26. Cryptosporidiosis and Coccidiosis: S E Wright and R L Coop.

27. Gastrointestinal Helminthosis: F Jackson and R L Coop.

28. Liver Fluke: G B B Mitchell.

Part VI: Diseases Of The Respiratory System.

29. Acute Respiratory Virus Infections: J M Sharp and P F Nettleton.

30. Contagious Respiratory Tumours: J M Sharp and M De Las Heras.

31. Maedi-Visna: G C Pritchard and I Mcconnell.

32. Pasteurellosis: W Donachie.

33. Mycoplasma Respiratory Infections: R D Ayling and R A J Nicholas.

34. Parasitic Bronchitis and Pneumonia: F E Malone.

Part VII: Diseases Of The Nervous System.

35. Scrapie: M Jeffrey and L Gonzalez.

36. Louping-Ill: H W Reid and F Chianini.

37. Listeriosis: P R Scott.

38. Other Nervous Diseases: P R Scott.

Part VIII: Diseases Of Feet and Legs.

39. Diseases of The Feet: J R Egerton.

40. Foot-and-Mouth Disease: A I Donaldson and R F Sellers.

41. Arthritis: G H Watkins.

Part IX: Diseases Of Skin, Wool and Eyes.

42. Orf: H W Reid and S M Rodger.

43. Sheep Pox: R P Kitching.

44. Caseous Lymphadenitis: G J Baird.

45. Staphylococcal Skin Infections: P E Mcneil.

46. Bacterial and Fungal Infections Of The Skin and Wool: J Plant.

47. Sheep Scab (Psoroptes ovis): P Bates.

48. Other Ectoparasitic Conditions: P Bates.

49. Photosensitization: A Flåøyen.

50. Ocular Diseases: B D Hosie.

51. Tick-Borne Diseases: Z Woldehiwet.

Part X: Metabolic and Mineral Disorders.

52. Pregnancy Toxaemia: N D Sargison.

53. Deficiency of Mineral Macro-Elements: A R Sykes.

54. Micronutrient Imbalance: N F Suttle and D G Jones.

55. Diseases of the Urinary System: N D Sargison and K W Angus.

Part XI: Poisons.

56. Plant Poisoning in Great Britain and Ireland: K W Angus.

57. Inorganic and Organic Poisons: W J Mccaughey.

Part XII: Tumours.

58. Tumours: R W Else.

Part XIII: Other Important Diseases.

59. Sarcocystiosis: A Uggla and D Buxton.

60. Bluetongue: B I Osburn.

61. Rinderpest and Peste Des Petits Ruminants: W P Taylor and T Barrett.

62. Rift Valley Fever: G F Bath.

63. Akabane Disease: P D Kirkland.

Part XIV: Regional Problems.

64. Middle East and North Africa: M M Rweyemamu and J Berrada.

65. Southern Africa: G F Bath.

66. Australia: J Plant.

67. New Zealand: A L Ridler and N D Sargison.

68. North America: C Wolf.

69. South America: Pampas Areas: L A O Ribero.

70. South America: Andean Highlands: R Rosadio.

71. South America: Patagonia: C Robles.

Part XV: Technical Section.

72. Flock Health Programmes: R N Spedding, J C Hindson and J A Earl.

73. Pharmacology and Therapeutics: S Page and D Hennessy.

74. Anaesthesia and Common Surgical Procedures: E W Scott.

75. Necropsy and Sampling Techniques: F Howie.

Part XVI: Appendices.

A. Haematological Reference Values.

B. Clinical Chemistry Reference Values

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