Connecting with Grieving Clients, Supportive Communication for Fourteen Common Situations, 2nd Edition

Guiding clients through their grief following the loss of a beloved pet is one of the toughest parts of your staff’s job. Handled sensitively and compassionately, the situation can strengthen the bond with the client for years to come. The new, second edition of this valuable resource offers specific strategies for dealing with a number of common, but difficult, client situations, including these and more:

  • Dealing with crises and emergencies
  • Delivering bad news
  • Euthanasia decision-making
  • Grief responses to pet loss
  • Clients’ guilt
  • Non-euthanasia and sudden deaths
  • Helping children, seniors, and disabled clients with grief
  • Other pets’ grief
  • Adopting new pets

The guide includes words to use in specific situations, information on pet hospice programs, grief support protocols, and client support resources. The resource is organized to facilitate staff meeting discussions and offers role-play ideas for each situation to build staff skills in this important area of practice.

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