Common Small Animal Diagnosis: An Algorithmic Approach

Common Small Animal Diagnosis: An Algorithmic Approach PDF

By Charlotte Davies and Linda Shell

Common Small Animal Diagnoses An Algorithmic Approach PDF is a valuable programme presents an algorithmic approach to the differential diagnosis of multiple medical presentations commonly seen in daily veterinary practice. It allows users to look up signs, symptoms and laboratory abnormalities in a way that mimics the decision-making process of working toward a diagnosis. Each algorithm presumes that the first test performed has been a thorough history and physical examination, and from this point it relies on the use of clinical examination and diagnostic texts to progressively narrow a larger list of diagnoses for any given problem. The PDA version of this resource is an easy and cost-effective way to quickly rule out possible conditions and arrive at a manageable list of differential diagnoses.

Table of Contents


SECTION 1 Generalized Disorders

SECTION 2 Musculoskeletal Problems

SECTION 3 Neurological Problems

SECTION 4 Hematological Disorders

SECTION 5 Metabolic/Electrolyte Disorders

SECTION 6 Hepatic Disorders

SECTION 7 Gastrointestinal Disorders

SECTION 8 Urinary Disorders

SECTION 9 Respiratory Disorders

SECTION 10 Cardiovascular Disorders


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