Common Reproductive Problems In Bovines And Canines


Common Reproductive Problems In Bovines And Canines

Common Reproductive Problems In Bovines And Canines Pdf

By Harendra Kumar, Sukdeb Nandi and R.B.Rai

Common Reproductive Problems In Bovines And Canines PDF is written in a very simple and lucid manner so that every person can read and understand the common reproductive problems in dairy as well as pet animals. The manual is written for field veterinarians, the persons engaged in dairy reproductive health control programme, officers and students. This handy manual will provide latest information related to diagnostics as well as therapeutics of most commonly gynaecological disorders like anestrus, repeat breeding, retention of placenta, prolapsed of cervix/uterus, abortion, endometritis, metritis, uterine torsion etc. in cows and buffaloes. Similarly, an attempt has been made to include most commonly found reproductive disorders and their management in bitches. In our opinion, this manual will be extremely helpful to all persons who are directly and indirectly engaged in handling of gynaecological problems in animals as we have put our knowledge and experiences gained during last several years at polyclinic, dairy farms as well as in the fields/farmer’s door. At last we do believe that any one can enrich their knowledge on the problems addressed in this manual and can face any challenge very easily and confidently.

Table of Contents
1 : Clinical Guidance for Gynaecological Examination of Bovines
2 : Pregnancy Diagnosis in Cattle & Buffalo
3 : Common Reproductive Problemsin Cattle and Buffalo
4 : Common Reproductive Problems in Canines

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