Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook

Canine Behavior a Photo Illustrated Handbook PDF

By Barbara Handelman

Canine Behavior a Photo Illustrated Handbook PDF. Dogs have deliberate, subtle, and often humorous ways of expressing themselves. Canine Behavior – A Photo Illustrated Handbook includes 1,000 images of dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes. It was created for everyone interested in dogs—pet owners, trainers, veterinarians, ethologists, and behaviorists. Using the interdisciplinary language of photography, Barbara Handelman illustrates and explains canine behavior and communication. Her book establishes a common understanding and vocabulary for people interested in, and working with, dogs.

Canine Behavior a Photo Illustrated Handbook PDF is structured in many user-friendly ways, including alphabetical organization of the terminology, cross referencing, and, both a detailed table of contents, and an index. Those interested in both wild and domestic dog behavior will spend hours, if not years, studying and learning from this book.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Acquired Bite Inhibition – Amplitude

Section 2: Anatomy

Section 3: Anthropomorphism – Butt Sniff.

Section 4: Cache – Displacement Behavior

Section 5: Distance – Distress.

Section 6: Domestication – External Stimuli.

Section 7: Face Off – Functional Systems.

Section 8: Gape – Greeting Behaviors.

Section 9: Habituation – Hip Slams.

Section 10: Infantile – Investigatory Behavior

Section 11: Learning Theory Terminology and Methodology

Section 12: Lick Intention – Locomotion

Section 13: Lumpy Whisker Bed – Muzzle Punch

Section 14: Neophobia – Pin

Section 15: Play – Play Face

Section 17: Predation.

Section 18: Puppy Behavior – Regurgitate

Section 19: Relaxation Postures.

Section 20: Reproductive & Sexual Behavior

Section 21: Resource Guarding – Stereotypic Behaviors

Section 22: Stress

Section 23: Stretching – T-Formation

Section 24: Tail Chasing – Umwelt

Section 25: Vacuum Behavior – Zoomorphism

Section 26: Final Quiz – What is Happening?

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