BSAVA Manual of Reptiles, 3rd Edition

Fully updated and expanded to keep pace with the developments in this area of small animal practice, this new edition covers all aspects of treating reptile patients, including diagnosis, surgical techniques and euthanasia.

  • Chapter dedicated to anatomy and physiology
  • A consideration of the reptile pet trade
  • Revised and expanded appendices
  • New chapters on crocodilians and sea turtles



Table of Contents

List of contributors v
Foreword vii
Preface viii
1 Anatomy and physiology 1
T. Franciscus Scheelings
2 Reptile pet trade and welfare 26
Louise Rayment-Dyble
3 Captive maintenance 36
Molly Varga
4 Nutrition 49
Matthew Rendle
5 Breeding and neonatal care 70
Kevin Wright† and Paul Raiti
6 Clinical examination 89
Aidan Raftery
7 Emergency care 101
Michael Pees and Simon J. Girling
8 Diagnostic sampling and laboratory tests 115
Nicole Stacy, Darryl Heard and Jim Wellehan
9 Non-invasive imaging 134
Paul Raiti
10 Diagnostic and surgical endoscopy 160
Stephen J. Divers
11 Therapeutics and medication 176
Sid Knotek
12 Anaesthesia and analgesia 200
Mads F. Bertelsen
13 Surgery: principles and techniques 210
Stephen J. Divers
14 Euthanasia and post-mortem examination 240
John E. Cooper
15 Dermatology 257
Mary A. Fraser and Simon J. Girling
16 The reptile eye 273
David Williams

17 Gastrointestinal system 284
Sarah J.L. Brown, Adam D. Naylor, Ross A. Machin and Sarah Pellett
18 Respiratory system 309
John Chitty
19 Cardiovascular and haemopoietic systems 323
Ben Hynes and Simon J. Girling
20 Urogenital system 342
Jay D. Johnson
21 Neurology 353
Simon J. Girling
22 Nutritional problems 365
Matthew Rendle and Ian Calvert†
23 Neoplasia 397
Drury R. Reavill
24 Parasitology 411
Kevin Eatwell and Joanna Hedley
25 Infectious diseases 423
Rachel Marschang and John Chitty
26 Crocodilians 443
Darryl Heard
27 Sea turtles 457
Estelle Rousselet and Terry Norton
1 Differential diagnoses for clinical signs in reptiles 470
2 A formulary of drugs for reptiles 476
3 Special considerations for venomous reptiles 482
Donal M. Boyer
4 Common and scientific names 488
5 CITES and UK legislation 492
6 Conversion tables for units 494
7 Reference values for haematology and biochemistry in common species 496

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