Basics of Wildlife Health Care and Management


Basics of Wildlife Health Care and Management

By Rajesh Jani

Basics of Wildlife Health Care and Management PDF provides basic understanding of the various topics of wildlife which will be useful for biologist, zoologist, veterinarians working in forest ,zoos or at field level where they use to get wild animals for post mortem or for treatment. It also provides helpful information to the forest officers, zoo managers and protected area managers for critical care management and for doing needful things before approaching a veterinarian to save the life of animal or to collect biological material useful for diagnosis.

Table of Contents

1. Indian Wildlife

2. Taxonomical Classification of Wildlife

3. Biological Features of Wildlife

4. Population and Habitat Management

5. Ethology-Animal Behaviour

6. Health Monitoring and Evaluation in Free Living Wild Animals

7. Physical and Chemical Restrains

8. Transportation

9. Health Examination and Recording of Vital Signs

10. Wildlife Diseases: An Over View

11. Major Infectious Diseases of Wild Animals

12. Major Non Infectious Diseases of Wild Animals

13. Rescue and Critical Care Management

14. Post Mortem Examination

15. Forensic and Veterolegal Aspects of Crime Investigation

16. Zoonotic Diseases

17. Disease Control Techniques in Free Living  Wild Animals

18. Field Approach for Disease Diagnosis from Dead Animals

19. Ex-Situ Captive Management in Zoos

20. Housing of Captive Animals

21. Hygiene and Sanitation

22. Collection, Preservation and Dispatch of Biomaterials

23. Nutrition of Zoo Animals

24. Orphan Management

25. Disaster Management

26. Surgical Problems and Intervention

27. Medical Management of Reptiles

28. Exotic Bird Health Care and Management

29 Wildlife Disease Surveillance

30 Advance Surveillance Technologies

31. Wildlife Protection Act

32. Scheduled Wildlife of India  Appendices

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