Atlas of Diagnostic Cytology in Small Animals

Atlas Of Diagnostic Cytology In Small Animals

By Elena Martínez de Merlo

Atlas of Diagnostic Cytology in Small Animals. Atlases of cytology are an essential tool in small animal practice. Diagnostic cytology, which is used extensively in routine clinical practice, requires the most comprehensive cell identification possible. This is best achieved with the help of numerous images that reflect the most characteristic and distinguishing featuresof the different cytological patterns, and this book will therefore be of great use to the reader in the diagnostic process of many pathologies.

Table of Contents
1. Citology of inflammation
Identification of inflammatory cells
Mast cells
Plasma cells
Definition of inflammatory pattern
Identification of microorganisms
Presence of tissue cells in an inflammatory cytology sample

2. Cytology of noninflammatory/non-neoplastic lesions
Hyperplastic processes
Degenerative processes
Degenerative processes in the liver
Degenerative processes in the joints
Extramedullary haematopoiesis (EH)

3. Cytology of mast cell tumours
Diagnostic criteria for mast cells tumours
Estimation of the degree of differentiation
Diagnostic criteria for metastatic mast cell tumours

4. Cytology of lymphoma
Diagnosis of lymphoma in lymph node cytology
Diagnostic quality of lymph node samples
Diagnosis of lymphoma
Cytological diagnosis of the type of lymphoma
Diagnosis of lymphoma in other cytological examinations

5. Cytology of histiocytic diseases
Identification of histiocytic cells
Cytological characteristics of histiocytomas
Cytological characteristics of histiocytic sarcomas
Canine reactive histiocytosis/feline progressive histiocytosis

6. Cytology of sarcomas
Cell lineage identification
Sarcoma grading
Low grade sarcoma
High grade sarcoma
Undetermined grade
Identification of the type of sarcoma
Vessel wall and nerve sheath tumours (haemangiopericytomas and schwannomas)
Myxosarcoma/synovial sarcoma
Feline injection-site sarcoma (FISS)
Muscle tumours

7. Cytology of epithelial tumours
Cell distribution
Cell morphology
Cytoplasmic vacuoles
Malignancy criteria
Specific considerations regarding certain epithelial tumours
Canine mammary tumours (CMT)
Basal cell tumours
Hepatocellular carcinomas
Difference between reactive mesothelial cells, mesothelioma and carcinomatosis

8. Cytology of melanoma
Cytological assessment of melanotic melanomas
Cytological assessment of amelanotic melanomas
Cytological considerations for metastatic melanomas


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