Anesthesia of Exotic Pets

Anaesthesia of Exotic Pets provides a unique and quick reference guide for all those working in veterinary practice. The book covers the common species seen and includes: the basic approach to the case, equipment required, drug doses, and anaesthetic induction and maintenance as well as anaesthetic monitoring techniques. Peri-anaesthetic nursing care, such as husbandry, fluid and nutritional support, is discussed for each species. Written by experienced practitioners, the book provides a common sense and practical approach to anaesthesia to enable a variety of techniques to be performed confidently.

    • Covers practical information on anaesthesia for a successful outcome: how to assess and prepare the patient, lists of equipment required, how to perform the anaesthetic, husbandry, fluids and nutritional support
    • Discusses commonly seen pathological conditions and their effect on the choice of anaesthetic and patient prognosis
    • Provides an overview of the relevant anatomy and physiology in each species as this improves understanding of effects of anaesthesia and techniques used
    • Describes both basic nursing and more advanced anaesthesia techniques, catering for all abilities and knowledge
    • Contains tables of drug doses by species giving a quick reference for the busy practitioner

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