Wildlife Necropsy and Forensics

Wildlife Necropsy And Forensics By P.k. Sriraman

By P.K. Sriraman

Wildlife Necropsy and Forensics PDF discusses various necropsy procedures for wild animals both for the disease investigation and forensic usage. The list of various wildlife crimes, the role of each member of wildlife crime team investigation in general and the role of pathologist in particular, (the forensic veterinary pathology)and the salient features of methodology of crime investigation is given. Information on the mistakes and omissions in forensic necropsy, negative necropsy, common errors committed by pathologist while performing forensic necropsy, postmortem appearances of common pathological conditions and estimation of age of some of the domestic animals and their foetuses is given for guidance. Various types of wounds, and the types of firearms and their terminology are also given for easy understanding about the wounds and fire arms.
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Table of Contents

Part I Wildlife Necropsy

1 Introduction

2 Collection and Preservation of Biological Specimens

3 Necropsy Methods

4 Autopsy Report

Part II Wildlife Forensics

1 Introduction

2 Crimes Against Wildlife

3 Forensic Analysis of Wildlife Crimes

4 Forensic Necropsy

5 Examination of The Wounds

6 Types of Firearms And Terminology

7 Poisoning

8 Record-Keeping

9 Wildlife Crime Investigation

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