The Laboratory Canine PDF Download.

The Laboratory Canine

The Laboratory Canine PDF Download

By Garrett Field, Todd A. Jackson

The Laboratory Canine PDF Book. Laboratory animals, including dogs, play an important role in biomedical research and medical advances. Dogs have a long history of use in research and have contributed enormously to the health and welfare of both humans and animals. The humane care and management of these animals is a fundamental component of their use in medical research.

The Laboratory Canine clearly presents basic background information covering subjects that apply specifically to dogs used in research settings, such as basic biological features, husbandry, management, veterinary care, experimental methodology, and resources. The book offers guidance on performing a detailed physical examination, including necessary veterinary supplies, clinical signs of illness, clinical conditions, and reference tables of widely used veterinary drugs. It discusses the human-animal bond or the relationship between people and animals and its significance and importance to the quality of research, the health of the animals, and the emotional health of staff caring for or working with animals. It also examines anesthetic and surgical procedures that include pre-, intra-, and post-anesthesia/operative monitoring. The Laboratory Canine contains reference charts for monitoring patients through post-operative recovery and reference tables for anesthetics and analgesics.

Because dogs are a highly visible species in the eyes of the public and regulators, it is important that individuals working with laboratory canines have the proper training and experience. This valuable resource is ideal for those charged with the care and use of canines in a research setting.

  • Examines regulatory and accrediting agencies that may
  • impact the use of dogs in research
  • Provides sources and suppliers of additional information on dogs, research, and veterinary supplies
  • Presents technical procedures in a clear format that can be easily incorporated into a facility’s standard operating procedures
  • Describes a thorough and comprehensive cleaning and sanitation program
Table of Contents

Biological Features



Veterinary Care

Experimental Methodology


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