The Horse Encyclopedia

The Horse Encyclopedia PDF

By Elwyn Hartley Edwards

The Horse Encyclopedia PDF is a comprehensive photographic guide to more than 150 horse and pony breeds and types from around the world.

Browse through the catalog of gorgeous photographs and learn about the characteristics and origins of each breed, from Friesians to Thoroughbreds, and some of the most famous horses that left a mark on equine history. A fascinating introduction takes you through the evolution of the horse, horse disciplines like polo and show jumping, the animal’s place in history, art, culture, and much more. With expert advice on horse health and care, including feeding, grooming, and conditioning, The Horse Encyclopedia can even guide you through the experience of becoming a first-time owner.

The Horse Encyclopedia is a visually stunning celebration of all things equine and a must-have for every horse lover.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to horses

The horse family

Asses, donkeys, mules, and hinnies

The skeleton

Muscle structure


Body systems

Markings and coat colors

The senses

Behavior and communication


Horses and humans.


The horse in war

Riding as art

Horses in legend and culture

The working horse

Developing breeds and types 

Catalog of breeds and types.

Heavy horses

Lighter horses


Care and management

A balanced diet

Pasture management

Stables and stable management

Grooming and care

Signs of good health

Equine health.

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