Sheep Diseases: The Farmers’ Guide

Sheep Diseases: The Farmers’ Guide

By Emily Litzow

Sheep Diseases: The Farmers’ Guide PDF is designed to help diagnose sheep diseases and
provide information on sheep health management.
Reporting serious or unusual animal disease signs
Any unusual behaviour or symptoms observed in your livestock or birds should be reported to:

  • The 24 hour Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888 (free call)
  • Your local veterinarian
  • Your nearest animal health officer

The sooner an incident is reported, the less chance it has to spread and the more likely it can be controlled and eradicated particularly if it’s an exotic animal disease or pest.
Unusual signs and symptoms in animals
Always keep an eye out for unusual symptoms in livestock that can include:

  • Unexplained deaths.
  • Sores or ulcers on the feet or in the mouth (this may result in a reluctance to eat or move).
  • Excessive salivation (drooling should always be treated suspiciously).
  • A reduction in the milk yield from cows, and eggs from chickens.
  • Any kind of discharge – diarrhoea especially if it has blood in it. Excessive nasal discharge is also something you should report unless
    you know what has caused it.
  • Look out for staggering or head drooping or severe lameness, especially if it’s more than one animal at the same time.
  • Less dramatic signs should also be watched for, such as animals not eating properly and animals that are depressed
    and don’t respond the way they should.
Table of Contents

Disclaimer 2
Acknowledgements 3
Contents 5
Introduction 6
Key to Diseases
By Symptom 7
By Season 9
By Stock Type 10
Poisonings/Toxicity 11
Diseases of Sheep
Acidosis 12
Annual Ryegrass Toxicity 13
Arthritis 14
Botulism 15
Brucellosis 16
Cheesy Gland 17
Cobalt Deficiency 18
Coccidiosis 19
Copper Deficiency 20
Copper Poisoning 21
Dermatophilosis 22
Exposure Losses 23
False Hydatid/
Bladderworm 24
Foot Abscess 25
Footrot 26
Grass Tetany 28
Hydatid 29
Large Lungworm 30
Listeriosis 31
Lupinosis 32
Milk Fever 34
Nitrate Poisoning 36
Ovine Johne’s Disease 37
Oxalate Poisoning 39
Perennial ryegrass
Staggers 40
Phalaris Poisoning 41
Phalaris Staggers 42
Photosensitisation 43
Pinkeye 44
Pneumonia 45
Polioencephalomalacia 46
Pregnancy Toxaemia 47
Pulpy Kidney 49
Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid
Poisoning 50
Scabby Mouth 51
Selenium Deficiency 52
Sheep Measles 53
Tetanus 54
Vibriosis 55
Management Guides
Vaccination 56
Sheep Lice 61
Sheep Worms 66
Fly Strike 69
Contacts 76

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