Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Exotic Pet Medicine

Saunders Solutions In Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Exotic Pet Medicine

By Fred Nind

Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Exotic Pet Medicine PDF. Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice consists of a series of practical handbooks on selected medical topics on specific veterinary problems. Case-based, this series is aimed at the small animal veterinary practitioner who has qualified less than 10 years and needs quick access to information and wants to increase his/her confidence on handling that range of cases that cover the spectrum that lies between the simple routine first opinion case and the referral.
Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice provides additional knowledge that leads to improved skills and practice for veterinary practitioners. Not only practitioners, but also veterinary students nearing the end of their course will find this series very useful to brush up their knowledge in a particular area. The volumes are also written with the veterinary nurse in mind with a particular interest in a specific topic, using ‘Nurse Boxes’ in the text to guide them to the specific information they need.

Table of Contents




1 The exotic pet consultation

Section 1 Mammals

2 Introduction: Mammals

3 Post-spay complications in a rabbit

4 Spinal fracture in a rabbit

5 Ferret with abdominal mass

6 Urolithiasis in a chinchilla

7 Chelitis in a guinea pig

8 Skin neoplasia in a hamster

Section 2 Birds

9 Introduction: Birds

10 Regurgitation in a cockatoo

11 Harris’ hawk with bumblefoot

12 Tibiotarsal fracture in a dove

13 Feather plucking in a parrot

14 Stomatitis in a Harris’ hawk

Section 3 Reptiles

15 Introduction: Reptiles

16 Gastrointestinal foreign body in a tortoise

17 Bearded dragon with hepatic disease

18 Osteomyelitis in a Hermann’s tortoise

19 Dystocia in a snake

20 Dysecdysis in a leopard gecko

21 Aural abscesses in a map turtle

22 Hypocalcaemia in a green iguana

Section 4 Amphibians

23 Introduction: Amphibians

24 Trauma in an amphibian

Section 5 Fish

25 Introduction: Fish

26 Enucleation of an eye in a goldfish


MCQs – Answers

Appendix 1 Critical care

Appendix 2 Zoonoses

Appendix 3 Suppliers


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