Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds


Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds

Parasitic Diseases Of Wild Birds Pdf

By Carter T. Atkinson, Nancy J. Thomas and, D. Bruce Hunter

Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds PDF provides thorough coverage of major parasite groups affecting wild bird species. Broken into four sections covering protozoa, helminths, leeches, and arthropod parasites, this volume provides reviews of the history, disease, epizootiology, pathology, and population impacts caused by parasitic disease. Taking a unique approach that focuses on the effects of the parasites on the host,Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds fills a unique niche in animal health literature.

  • Thorough coverage of key parasite groups affecting wild birds
  • Succinctly reviews history, disease, epizootiology, pathology, and population impacts of parasitic diseases
  • Focuses on the effects of parasites on the host
  • Fulfills unique niche in animal health literature
Table of Contents

Preface vii

Contributors ix

Section I Introduction

1. Parasitism: Costs and Effects 3
Gary A. Wobeser

Section II Protozoa

2. Haemoproteus 13
Carter T. Atkinson

3. Avian Malaria 35
Carter T. Atkinson

4. Leucocytozoonosis 54
Donald J. Forrester and Ellis C. Greiner

5. Isospora, Atoxoplasma, and Sarcocystis 108
Ellis C. Greiner

6. Trichomonosis 120
Donald J. Forrester and Garry W. Foster

7. Histomonas 154
William R. Davidson

8. Eimeria 162
Michael J. Yabsley

9. Disseminated Visceral Coccidiosis in Cranes 181
Marilyn G. Spalding, James W. Carpenter, and Meliton N. Novilla

10. Cryptosporidium 195
David S. Lindsay and Byron L. Blagburn

11. Toxoplasma 204
J. P. Dubey

Section III Helminths

12. Trematodes 225
Jane E. Huffman

13. Schistosomes 246
Jane E. Huffman and Bernard Fried

14. Cestodes 261
J. Daniel McLaughlin

15. Acanthocephala 277
Dennis J. Richardson and Brent B. Nickol

16. Eustrongylidosis 289
Marilyn G. Spalding and Donald J. Forrester

17. Trichostrongylus 316
Daniel M. Tompkins

18. Dispharynx, Echinuria, and Streptocara 326
Ramon A. Carreno

19. Tracheal Worms 343
M. A. Fernando and John R. Barta

20. Amidostomum and Epomidiostomum 355
Alan M. Fedynich and Nancy J. Thomas

21. Tetrameridosis 376
John M. Kinsella and Donald J. Forrester

22. Avioserpensosis 384
John M. Kinsella

23. Heterakis and Ascaridia 388
Alan M. Fedynich

24. Ascaridoid Nematodes: Contracaecum, Porrocaecum, and Baylisascaris 413
Hans-Peter Fagerholm and Robin M. Overstreet

25. Diplotriaena, Serratospiculum, and Serratospiculoides 434
Mauritz C. Sterner III and Rebecca A. Cole

26. Filarioid Nematodes 439
Cheryl M. Bartlett

27. Capillarid Nematodes 463
Michael J. Yabsley

Section IV Leeches

28. Leech Parasites of Birds 501
Ronald W. Davies, Fredric R. Govedich, and William E. Moser

Section V Arthropods

29. Phthiraptera, the Chewing Lice 515
Dale H. Clayton, Richard J. Adams, and Sarah E. Bush

30. Acariasis 527
Danny B. Pence

31. Black Flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) 537
Douglas C. Currie and D. Bruce Hunter

32. Myiasis in Wild Birds 546
Susan E. Little

Index 557

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