New Vet Jumpstart Guide, Twenty Common General Practice Cases Simplified

New Vet Jumpstart Guide, Twenty Common General Practice Cases Simplified Pdf

By Ashley Gray, Monica Tarantino

New Vet Jumpstart Guide, Twenty Common General Practice Cases Simplified PDF. Are you a current student in one of the toughest educational programs out there or a recent graduate? We see you, veterinary colleague! Your knowledge is vast, and you put in a lot of hard work to get to this point. Now, all you have to do is go out there and save some animal’s lives, right? If only it was that easy…

Most new veterinarians, like you, find the transition into practice challenging. You no longer have oversight from professors and are still learning how to apply all of your medical knowledge. This can make even simple cases difficult when you first start out, and it often puts you in situations where you are stressed out, putting you at risk for easily avoidable mistakes.

Dr. Gray and Dr. Tarantino also experienced these same challenges and hurdles. After years of mentoring students and interns, they decided to create the V.O.T.R New Vet Jumpstart Guide to help you and make your transition into practice easier.

The V.O.T.R. New Vet Jumpstart Guide is a cliff notes version of twenty common cases new veterinarians will face out in general practice. It gives the new veterinarian a practical approach and breaks them down in a way that you cannot find in any other veterinary resource out there.

Each chapter will give you helpful information that covers:

  • Simplified approach to common cases
  • Straightforward diagnostic and treatment plans
  • Client communication tips to cover all bases
  • How to avoid common pitfalls

With our book in your hand, you will already be one step ahead of the game. Think of it as the holy grail of general practice. You get all of our tips and tricks in one place to get you DAY ONE READY!

Table of Contents

Advice we kept referencing as new grads

Chronic diarrhea in older cats

Chronic kidney disease in cats

Chronic vomiting in older cats

Cushing’s disease in dogs

Cutaneous mast cell tumor in dogs

Dental disease

Diabetes mellitus in dogs

Diarrhea in kittens

Flea allergy dermatitis in cats

Foreign bodies in dogs

Heart murmurs in small breed dogs

Hyperthyroidism in cats

Lick granulomas in dogs

Osteoarthritis in dogs

Otitis externa in dogs

Pruritus in dogs

Seizures in dogs

Thunderstorm anxiety in dogs

Urinary tract infections in dogs

Urolithiasis in dogs

Bonus chapters:

Repeat calcium oxalate formers

When to refer??

Interpreting ALKP

ACTH stimulation test


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