Equine Neonatal Medicine and Surgery

Equine Neonatal Medicine and Surgery PDF

By Derek C. Knottenbelt, Nicola Holdstock and John Madigan

Equine Neonatal Medicine and Surgery PDF. An ideal companion to Knottenbelt’s Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery, this comprehensive text covers all aspects of veterinary care of the foal — from birth through weaning. Describing appropriate procedures for clinical assessment of the new-born foal, it addresses emergency interventions, resuscitation, and critical care. Disorders of growth and nutrition are reviewed, as well as congenital or inherited abnormalities of each of the major body systems. Plus, a unique section on special syndromes provides more than 200 color photographs carefully selected from the authors’ extensive collection.

  • Content is concise, informative, and easy to read.
  • Full-color photographs illustrate common disorders, congenital defects, and more.
  • Flowcharts summarize key diagnostic tests and findings.
  • Numerous charts and tables provide easy access to key data.
  • Appendices present key data, treatment protocols, techniques, and procedures in a quick-reference format.
Table of Contents

1. Perinatal review

2. Risk category of the foal

3. The foal at delivery

4. Routine management and clinical examination

5. Congenital abnormalities and inherited disorders

6. Neonatal syndromes

7. Procedures and diagnostic aids

8. Intensive care, therapeutics and nursing

9. Miscellaneous

App. 1 Placental examination form

App. 2 Reference values for hematology and biochemistry

App. 3 Neonatal foal history chart

App. 4 Neonatal foal clinical examination charts

App. 5 Neonatal foal neurological examination chart

App. 6 Intensive care forms

App. 7 Catheters

App. 8 Drug names and dosages for foals

App. 9 Sepsis scoring for neonatal foals.

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