Equine Health and Emergency Management


Equine Health and Emergency Management

Equine Health And Emergency Management Pdf

By Bonny Henderson

Equine Health and Emergency Management PDF Book. Recognizing and quickly reacting to emergencies involving a horse are critical to its well being and survival. Equine Health and Emergency Management provides essential knowledge in all aspects of the emergent care of horses. The book begins by emphasizing the importance of horsemanship in the prevention of injury and disease. Facility safety and stable management are key factors in prevention, as is a thorough understanding and knowledge of the healthy horse, broodmare, and foal. Once this essential knowledge base is achieved the book progresses to discussion of preparing for and managing emergencies. Assessment and treatment skills are addressed. Then diseases and trauma of each body system are covered outlining the clinical signs, vital signs, history or possible causes, actions to take, and prevention strategies for each. The book concludes by addressing the assessment, planning, and preparation needs when faced with a manmade or natural disaster. No horse owner or veterinary professional specializing in the care of horses should be without Equine Health and Emergency Management.

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Table of Contents
Facility safety
Husbandry management
Horse health care management
The healthy broodmare
Preparing for emergencies
Assessment of pain, bleeding, and wounds
Treatment skills
Allergic reactions
Circulatory emergencies
Dermatological (integument) emergencies
Gastrointestinal emergencies
Metabolic emergencies leading to collapse
Musculoskeletal emergencies
Neonatal emergencies
Neurological emergencies
Ocular emergencies
Reproductive emergencies
Respiratory emergencies
Toxins and poisons
Preparing for disasters

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