Elsevier’s Veterinary Assisting Exam Review

Elsevier’s Veterinary Assisting Exam Review Book PDF Download

By Margi Sirois

Elsevier’s Veterinary Assisting Exam Review PDF. Prepare for success on your Veterinary Assisting exam with a comprehensive review! Elsevier’s Veterinary Assisting Exam Review is the only review book for Veterinary Assistants. An illustrated, outline format makes it easier to review veterinary assisting topics such as laboratory, examination room, office, and hospital procedures; surgical preparation; pharmacology; imaging; and client relations. Elsevier’s Veterinary Assisting Exam Review is Written by experienced veterinary technician educator Margi Sirois, this review also includes an Evolve website with nearly 1,000 exam questions and customizable practice tests.

  • UNIQUE! The only review book on the market for Veterinary Assistants!
  • Convenient, easy-to-follow outline format provides comprehensive coverage of key veterinary assisting concepts and topics.
  • High-quality illustrations and clinical photos show equipment, animal care, and procedures.
  • Coverage of animal nursing includes small, large, and exotic animals, as well as avian care.
  • Nearly 1,000 questions are provided on the Evolve website, and allow you to select and answer questions in specific categories in
  • Practice mode or to generate credentialing exam-style tests in Exam mode.
  • Combination of questions, answers, and detailed rationales ensures that you fully comprehend the type of information being asked and why a specific answer choice is best.
Table of Contents

1. Foundations of Veterinary Assisting
2. Office and Hospital Procedures
3. Communication and Client Relations
4. Pharmacy and Pharmacology
5. Examination Room Procedures
6. Small Animal Nursing
7. Surgical Preparation and Assisting
8. Laboratory Procedures
9. Diagnostic Imaging
10. Large Animal Nursing and Husbandry
11. Avian and Exotic Animal Care and Nursing
Appendix: Practice AVA Exam

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