Dogs: A Philosophical Guide to Our Best Friends

Dogs: A Philosophical Guide To Our Best Friends Pdf.

By Mark Alizart

Dogs: A Philosophical Guide to Our Best Friends PDF. Man’s best friend, domesticated since prehistoric times, a travelling companion for explorers and artists, thinkers and walkers, equally happy curled up by the fire and bounding through the great outdoors—dogs matter to us because we love them.  But is that all there is to the canine’s good-natured voracity and affectionate dependency?

Mark Alizart dispenses with the well-worn clichés concerning dogs and their masters, seeing them not as submissive pets but rather as unexpected life coaches, ready to teach us the elusive recipes for contentment and joy.  Dogs have faced their fate in life with a certain detachment that is not easy to understand.  Unlike other animals in a similar situation, they have not become hardened, nor have they let themselves die a little inside. On the contrary, they seem to have softened. This book is devoted to understanding this miracle, the miracle of the joy of dogs – to understanding it and, if at all possible, to learning how it’s done.

Weaving elegantly and eruditely between historical myth and pop-culture anecdote, between the peculiar views of philosophers and the even more bizarre findings of science, Alizart offers us a surprising new portrait of the dog as thinker—a thinker who may perhaps know the true secret of our humanity.

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Table of Contents
  1. Acknowledgements
  2. The Joy of Dogs
  3. The Shame of the Animal Kingdom
  4. Canis Major
  5. Twixt Dog and Wolf
  6. Sola Fido
  7. The Dog Vinci Code
  8. Darwin’s Dogs
  9. Companion Species Manifesto
  10. Ecce Canis
  11. Dog Years
  12. Portrait of the philosopher as a dog
  13. Oedipus Rex
  14. Sons of a bitch
  15. We Are All Inuits
  16. A Tergo More Ferarum
  17. The Mark of Cain
  18. The Big Bark
  19. Gabriel
  20. Epilogue

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