Dermatology for the Small Animal Practitioner

Dermatology for the Small Animal Practitioner PDF

By Ralf S. Mueller

Dermatology for the Small Animal Practitioner PDF. Dermatology MES is a readily usable reference for veterinary dermatology. This title provides practical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of the skin diseases commonly seen in a practice. The organization consistently progresses from a detailed description of all diagnostic tests and procedures, to clinical evaluation of the test results, and presentation of treatment options.

Leading questions are used throughout, to focus the user on important diagnostic and therapeutic considerations. All applicable drugs are discussed and dosages provided. This text features 115 four-color illustrations for easy identification, clear step-by-step descriptions of diagnostic test and lots of tables that allow for quick access to information. The highly visual format makes this text an effective client education resource. This fast and easy to use reference guide provides an excellent, in-depth and concise survey of dermatologic diseases, diagnoses, and therapies.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: `How To`
Dermatologic History / 2
Dermatologic Examination / 11
Specific Tests in small animal dermatology / 21
Cytology / 21
Superficial skin scrapings / 26
Deep skin scrapings / 28
Wood`s Lamp Examination / 30
Fungal culture / 32
Trichogram / 36
Biopsy / 38
Serum testing for allergen-specific IgE / 42
Bacterial Culture / 43
Patch testing / 44
Diagnostic Trials / 46
Elimination diet / 46
Insect control trial / 48
Scabies Treatment trial / 49

Section 2: The Approach to Common Dermatologic Presentations
The pruritic dog / 53
The dog with papules, pustules and prusts / 58
The dog with alopecia / 69
The dog with nodules / 76
The dog with nasal dermatitis / 83
The cat with miliary dermatitis / 87
The cat with noninflammatory alopecia / 92
The cat with lesions of the eosinophilic granuloma complex / 96
The cat with nodules / 100
The patient with otitis externa / 107

Section 3: Treatments
Shampoo therapy of various skin conditions / 115
Treatment of bacterial infection / 118
Treatment of pruritus / 123
Allergen-specific immunotherapy / 123
Antihistamines / 125
Essential fatty acids / 128
Glucocorticoids / 129
Treatment of fungal infections / 130
Ectoparasiticidal agents / 133
Insect control trials and individual management of
patients with flea-bite hypersensitivity / 136
Immunosuppressive therapy / 141
Treatment of alopecia due to hormonal diseases and follicular dysplasia / 144

A. Breed Predilections / 145
B. Questionnaire / 149
Recommended Readings / 151

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