Canine-Assisted Interventions, A Comprehensive Guide to Credentialing Therapy Dog

Canine-Assisted Interventions: A Comprehensive Guide To Credentialing Therapy Dog Pdf

By John-Tyler Binfet and Elizabeth Kjellstrand Hartwig

Canine-Assisted Interventions: A Comprehensive Guide to Credentialing Therapy Dog PDF. overing principles of therapy dog team training, assessment, skills, and ongoing monitoring, Canine-Assisted Interventions provides guidance on the most evidence-based methods for therapy dog team welfare, training, and assessment.

The authors offer a linear approach to understanding all aspects of the screening, assessment, and selection of dog-handler teams by exploring the journey of dog therapy teams from assessment of canines and handlers to the importance of ongoing monitoring, recredentialing, and retirement. In addition to reviewing key findings within the field of human-animal interactions, each chapter emphasizes skills on both the human and dog ends of the leash and makes recommendations for research-informed best practices. To support readers, the book culminates with checklists and training resources to serve as a quick reference for readers.

This book will be of great interest for practitioners, in-service professionals, and researchers in the fields of canine-assisted interventions and counseling.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. What are Canine-Assisted Interventions?

3. What Makes a Strong and Effective Canine-Assisted Intervention Team?

4. Safeguarding the Welfare of Clients and Therapy Dogs

5. Best Practices in Canine-Assisted Intervention Team Training

6. Canine-Assisted Counseling: Preparing Teams for Clinical Work

7. Canine-Assisted Intervention Team Assessment

8. Assessment Consideration for Specialized Contexts

9. Credentialing, Re-credentialing, and Retirement

10. Future Directions in Canine-Assisted Interventions Appendices

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