Behaviour of the Domestic Cat 2nd Edition


Behaviour of the Domestic Cat 2nd Edition

Behaviour Of The Domestic Cat 2Nd Edition Pdf

By John W.S. Bradshaw, Rachel Casey and Sarah Brown

Behaviour of the Domestic Cat 2nd Edition PDF. The behaviour of domesticated animals is a subject of great importance to students of animal behaviour and veterinary medicine, as well as interested pet owners. This book presents an engaging overview of the behaviour of the domestic cat, adopting both a mechanistic and functional approach. Physiological, developmental and psychological aspects are addressed, including domestication, the development of the senses, learning, communication and feeding behaviour. The authors build on these themes to discuss social behaviour, hunting and predation, cat-human interactions and welfare. Fully updated throughout, this new edition also includes two new chapters on behavioural disorders due to pathologies and from misdirected natural behaviour. It is an essential source of cat behaviour information for students, ethologists, veterinarians and pet owners

Table of Contents

Table of contents

1: The Cat: Domestication and Biology

2: Sensory Abilities

3: Mechanisms of Behaviour

4: Behavioural Development

5: Communication

6: Feeding Behaviour

7: Hunting and Predation

8: Social Behaviour

9: The Cat-Human Relationship

10: Cat Welfare

11: Undesired Behaviour in the Domestic Cat

12: Physiological and Pathological Causes of Behavioural Change

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