Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff 2nd Edition

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff PDF

By Brian A. DiGangi, Victoria A. Cussen, Pamela J. Reid and Kristen A. Collins

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff 2nd Edition PDF provides readers with comprehensive information addressing the behavior of both animals and humans associated with the intake, management, and rehoming of dogs and cats. To aid in practical application, the book covers specific behavior considerations in both dogs and cats. Topics are separated by animal to allow for easy accessibility by professionals who are actively working in the field.

Sample topics covered within Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff book include:

  • The behavior issues that are a common cause of pet relinquishment
  • Behavioral assessment, behavior modification, the integration of behavioral well-being into sheltering
  • Welfare assessment, psychopharmacology, safety net programs, and caring for animals during long-term legal holds
  • Equine care and caring for small mammals

Animal Behavior for Shelter Veterinarians and Staff is a must-have reference for evidence-based practical tips, techniques, and protocols for everyday use in animal shelters by shelter volunteers and staff, as well as professional trainers, behaviorists, and veterinarians working with shelters.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors viii
Foreword xi
Acknowledgments xii
About the Companion Website xiii

Part I Foundations in Behavioral Health
1- Introduction to Dog Behavior
Julie Hecht and Alexandra Horowitz

2- Introduction to Cat Behavior
Julia D. Albright, Christine Calder, and Amy Learn

3- How Animals Learn
Haleh Amanieh and Nicole R. Dorey

4- The Relationship between Physiology and Behavior in Dogs and Cats
Valarie V. Tynes, Colleen S. Koch, and Leslie Sinn

Part II Pets in the Community

5- Safety Net Programs
Erin Doyle and Seana Dowling-Guyer

6- Dog Behavior and Relinquishment to Shelters
Janis Bradley and Gary J. Patronek

7- Management of Community Cats
Margaret R. Slater

Part III Dogs in the Shelter

8- Handling Shelter Dogs
Trish McMillan and Kristina Spaulding

9- Assessing the Behavior of Shelter Dogs
Pamela J. Reid

10- Canine Housing and Husbandry for Behavioral Well-Being
Stephanie Janeczko, Lila Miller, and Stephen Zawistowski

11- Canine Enrichment
Lisa Gunter and Erica Feuerbacher

12- Training and Behavior Modification for Shelter Dogs
Pamela J. Reid and Tristan Rehner-Fleurant

13- Play and Playgroups
Lindsay R. Mehrkam

Part IV Cats in the Shelter

14- Handling Shelter Cats
Brenda Griffin

15- Feline Behavioral Assessment
Jacklyn J. Ellis

16- Feline Housing for Behavioral Well-Being
Chumkee Aziz

17- Feline Enrichment
Jacklyn J. Ellis, Katherine Miller, and Katie Watts

18- Training and Behavior Modification for Shelter Cats
Wailani Sung and Jeannine Berger

Part V Special Topics

19- Welfare and Ethical Decision-Making
Victoria A. Cussen and Brian A. DiGangi

20- Behavioral Care during Transportation and Relocation
Brian A. DiGangi and Karen S. Walsh

21- Behavioral Care of Animals in Disasters, Cruelty Cases, and Long-Term Holds
Victoria A. Cussen, Bridget Schoville, and Pamela J. Reid

22- Behavioral Pharmacology
Sara L. Bennett

23- Caring for Small Mammals
Elise Gingrich

24- Equine Care
Sue McDonnell

25- Animal Placement and Follow-Up

Alexandra Protopopova and Kelley Bollen

Appendix A Canine Body Language

Appendix B Feline Body Language

Appendix C Animal Behavior Professionals


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