Treatment and Care of the Geriatric Veterinary Patient 

Treatment and Care of the Geriatric Veterinary Patient PDF By Mary Gardner and Dani McVety

By Mary Gardner and Dani McVety

Treatment and Care of the Geriatric Veterinary Patient PDF offers veterinarians a complete guide to treating and managing geriatric canine and feline patients.

  • Offers practical guidance on managing all aspects of veterinary care in geriatric pets
  • Takes a holistic approach to managing the geriatric patient, from common diseases and quality of life to hospice, euthanasia, client communications, and business management
  • Focuses on dogs and cats, with a chapter covering common exotic animals
  • Provides clinically oriented advice for ensuring quality of life for older pets
  • Includes access to a companion website with videos, client education handouts, and images

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Table of Contents

List of Contributors ix

About the Companion Website xi

Part I They Just Don’t Live Long Enough 1

1 Introduction 3
Mary Gardner

2 Maintaining the Human–Animal Bond 7
Dani McVety

3 Geriatrics and Fragility 11
Mary Gardner

Part II The Aging Body Systems 21

4 Vision Changes 23
Kayla Waler and Meredith Voyles

5 Hearing Loss 35
Brad Bates

6 Dentition and the Oral Cavity 43
Heidi B. Lobprise

7 The Nose and Smelling 51
Faith Banks

8 Cognitive Dysfunction and Related Sleep Disturbances 57
Dawnetta Woodruff

9 Smelly Old Dog: Addressing the Dermatological Concerns of Our Geriatric Patients 77
Melanie Cohen

10 Central and Peripheral Nervous System 87
Laura Devlin Bacon

11 The Aging Kidney 99
Shea Cox

12 The Hepatic System 115
Laura Devlin Bacon

13 The Respiratory System 127
Cheryl A. Braswell

14 Mobility Issues 145
Tammy Perkins Johnson

15 Age]Related Gastrointestinal Conditions and Considerations for Nutrition 185
Shea Cox

16 Urinary and Fecal Incontinence 199
Faith Banks

17 Thermoregulation 209
Brad Bates

18 Managing Pain in Geriatric Patients 221
Michael Petty and Sheilah Robertson

19 Exotic Animal Geriatrics 245
Amanda Grant

Part III What Matters Most in the End 257

20 Understanding the Behavior of Geriatric Patients to Enhance their Welfare 259
Carlo Siracusa

21 Environmental Enrichment and Senior Pets: The Next Best Thing to the Fountain of Youth 269
Steve Dale

22 Where Are all the Grey Muzzles?: Marketing and Caring for Geriatric Pets in your Practice 279
Mary Gardner

23 Veterinary Hospice in Your Practice 289
Mary Gardner and Dani McVety

24 Quality of Life Assessment and End of Life Decisions 297
Mary Gardner

25 Anticipatory Grief and Preparation for Pet Loss 311
Shea Cox

26 The Look 317
Faith Banks

27 Convenience and Aggressive Pet Euthanasia 321
Dani McVety

28 Letting Go – Handling Euthanasia in Your Practice 327
Mary Gardner and Dani McVety

29 The Final Chapter 337
Mary Gardner

Index 000

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