The Behavioural Ecology of Parasites

The Behavioural Ecology of Parasites PDF

By Edwin E Lewis, James F Campbell and Michael V K Sukhdeo

The Behavioural Ecology of Parasites PDF. Parasites have evolved numerous complex and fascinating ways of interacting with their hosts. The subject attracts the interest of numerous biologists from the perspective of ecology and behavioral biology, as well as from those concerned with more applied aspects of parasitology. However, until now there has been no recent book to synthesize this field. This book, written by leading authorities from the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, provides the most comprehensive coverage of this important topic on the market.

Table of Contents

Part I: Foraging for Hosts

1: Trematode transmission strategies

2: Entomopathogenic nematode host-search strategies

3: Flexibility in host-search and patch-use strategies of insect parasitoids

Part II: Host Acceptance and Infection

4: Host discrimination by seed parasites

5: Soil and plant interactions’ impact on plant-parasitic nematode host finding and recognition

6: Environmental control of nematode life cycles

Part III: Interactions among parasites within host

7: The interactions between larval parasitoids and their hosts

8: Inter-specific interactions in trematode communities

9: Niche restriction and mate finding in vertebrate hosts

10: Parasite sex determination

Part IV: Parasite-Host Interactions

11: Interactions between intestinal nematodes and vertebrate hosts

12: Parasite manipulation of host behaviour

13: Parasite manipulation of vector behaviour

14: Parasite virulence

15: The behavioural ecology of social parasitism in ants

Part V: Synthesis

16: Parasite behavioural ecology in a field of diverse perspectives

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