8 Pros and Cons of Being a Vet Tech You Should Know


Pros And Cons Of Being Veterinary Technician

Pros and Cons of Being a Vet Tech. Veterinary technicians are an essential part of the team carrying out the veterinary practices. They provide doctors with the much-needed help and assistance that allows them to do their job more effectively. Yet, despite this being such an important role, many people don’t know about what it takes to be one. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should become a vet technician, as well as some pros and cons that come with the profession.

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The Pros Of Becoming A Veterinary Technician

The perks of pursuing the field of a veterinary technician include:

1. Working With Animals

It is an excellent job if you love animals. You will learn about animal care, anatomy, and physiology. Working closely with your supervisor can teach you many skills, such as how to get an animal comfortable during procedures or to assist in surgery when needed.

2. Secure Career

Veterinary technicians are vital members of any veterinary team. They keep things running smoothly by handling all aspects of patient care and administrative duties, and there is room for growth within this profession. It makes it very secure career-wise!

3. Educational Role

Veterinary technicians are in a unique position to educate the public about animal health. You’ll have extensive knowledge of how animals live and work closely with veterinarians to explain veterinary practices to clients.

4. Room for Advancement

There is room for advancement within this career path and opportunities for becoming technicians at different levels taking on leadership roles, being involved in research initiatives, and more!

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The Cons Of Becoming A Veterinary Technician

The downsides of the career choice include:

1. Euthanasia

Veterinary technicians often have to carry out euthanasia. It can be very stressful and is something that should not be done without the right mindset. Sometimes, animals may not react how you expect them to when they are put down, leading to injury on either side of the situation.

2. Dangerous Situations

Many accidents happen every day as part of being a veterinary technician. It’s not uncommon for a vet to have stitches or bites on their hands after the shift because they were bitten by an animal in the office undergoing surgery.

3. Stressful Situations

If you’re someone who doesn’t do well with stressful situations, this may not be the right profession. Veterinary technicians are often exposed to many different animals, which can mean everything from new species to rare breeds of dog or cat that they’ve never seen before and have no experience working with. It means there is a lot more uncertainty regarding what might happen next during an appointment.

4. Unpredictable Animals

Depending on what type of animal you’re going to see, it can be unpredictable as far as knowing how they will behave. For example, some dogs may not react well when getting their nails clipped and biting the technician or other animals.

Summing Up

Therefore, there are many perks and downsides to being a veterinary technician. The best thing for you is to think about what might make the most sense for your career and life goals. If you’ve decided to go on and start your career, take a look at the popular Books For Vet Techs You Have To Read.


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