Parasites and Pets a Veterinary Nursing Guide

This book, primarily focussing on parasitic diseases of cats and dogs, is designed specifically for veterinary nurses and students and adopts an enquiry based approach essential for consolidating knowledge and a deep practical understanding of this important subject. The book goes beyond the conventional discourse of parasitology books, with each chapter addressing questions commonly posed by clients. It is illustrated throughout with colour figures and readers can assess their knowledge and areas for development by completing the end of chapter self-assessment questions.

In this way, the veterinary nurse will be fully equipped to professionally support veterinary surgeons in achieving optimal strategies for management of parasitic diseases of companion animals.

Provides a unique enquiry-based approach to assist veterinary nurses and technicians in gaining essential knowledge and practical understanding of parasites

Contains self-assessment MCQ sections designed to encourage the reader to question their practice, rationales, and the evidence base of parasitology care delivery they provide to patients

Focuses on the dog and cat, the most commonly seen pets

Table of Contents

Table of contents

  • 1: Introduction to Parasitology
  • 2: Parasites of the Gastrointestinal System
  • 3: Parasites of the Respiratory System
  • 4: Parasites of the Cardiovascular System
  • 5: Parasites of the Skin and Muscles
  • 6: Parasites of the Eye and Nervous System
  • 7: Parasites of the Urogenital System
  • 8: Key Skills for the Veterinary Nurse in Diagnostic Parasitology
  • 9: Parasite Control Clinics
  • 10: Parasite Control and Pet Travel

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