Manual of Sheep Diseases 2nd Edition


Manual of Sheep Diseases 2nd Edition

Manual Of Sheep Diseases 2Nd Edition Pdf

By J. Hindson and Agnes Winter

Manual of Sheep Diseases 2nd Edition PDF covers the whole field of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and poor production of sheep. It is aimed at the non-specialist veterinarian and fills a niche between the large, comprehensive books on sheep and the shorter texts aimed at farmers. It will also appeal to all those involved in sheep production, and is a valuable reference for veterinary students.

A wide range of diseases and conditions is covered, together with important aspects of production such as lamb output and growth rates. New sections have been added on nutrition (which has a significant effect on all aspects of production), anaesthesia, vaccination programmes, and parasite control.

  • Practical, accessible and user-friendly
  • Now includes colour pictures of important diseases
  • Expanded to give comprehensive coverage of sheep diseases and not just diagnosis

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Table of Contents



1. Introduction.

2. Suboptimal reproductive performance SORP.

3. Abortion.

4. Dystocia and vagino-cervical prolapse.

5. Male infertility.

6. Periparturient ewe losses.

7. Mastitis, udder and teat lesions.

8. Perinatal lamb losses.

9. Inadequate growth rate.

10. Diarrhoea.

11. Tenesmus.

12. Adult weight loss.

13. Mouth disorders.

14. Lameness.

15. Changed behaviour and neurological dysfunction.

16. Eye disorders/visual defects.

17. Anaemia.

18. Jaundice.

19. Abdominal distension and abdominal pain.

20. Wool loss and skin lesions.

21. Respiratory disease.

22. Found dead and sudden death.

Appendix 1 Postmortem examination.

Appendix 2 Sample taking and sample sending.

Appendix 3 Nutrition.

Appendix 4 Internal parasite control.

Appendix 5 Health plans and vaccination programmes.

Appendix 6 Poisons.

Appendix 7 Zoonoses.

Appendix 8 Anaesthesia and common surgical procedures.

Appendix 9 Possible new production and disease patterns.

Appendix 10 Standard reference values.

Appendix 11 Abbreviations.

Appendix 12 Further reading.


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