Lippincott Illustrated Reviews, Neuroscience, 2nd Edition

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Neuroscience presents essential coverage of this core basic science discipline within an integrated framework, bringing neuroanatomy and neurophysiology together and demonstrating how they are applied in a clinical context. It offers all the most popular features of the bestselling Lippincott Illustrated Reviews series, including abundant full-color, annotated illustrations, chapter overviews, an expanded outline format, chapter summaries, and review questions that link basic science to real-life clinical situations.

  • Master state-of-the-art neuroscience information through comprehensive updates reflecting the latest research.
  • Understand the practical applications of basic neuroanatomy and neurophysiology with expanded clinical examples throughout and
  • NEW Clinical Cases at the end of each chapter that guide you to apply your knowledge to clinical scenarios.
  • Visualize neuroscience concepts more clearly with the aid of many new and improved full-color illustrations.
  • Review and assimilate large amounts of complex information via the Lippincott Illustrated Reviews series’ signature outline format.
  • Extend your learning online with access to animations and an interactive question bank.
Table of Contents

Unit 1 – Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Nervous System and Basic Neurophysiology
Chapter 2: Overview of the Central Nervous System
Chapter 3: Overview of the Peripheral Nervous System
Chapter 4: Overview of the Visceral Nervous System
Unit II – Spinal Cord, Brainstem, and Tracts
Chapter 5: The Spinal Cord
Chapter 6: Overview and Organization of the Brainstem
Chapter 7: Ascending Sensory Tracts
Chapter 8: Descending Motor Tracts
Unit III – Brainstem Systems and Cranial Nerves
Chapter 9: Control of Eye Movements
Chapter 10: Sensory and Motor Innervation of the Head and Neck
Chapter 11: Hearing and Balance
Chapter 12: Brainstem Systems and Review
Unit IV – Higher Cortical Function
Chapter 13: The Cerebral Cortex
Chapter 14: The Thalamus
Chapter 15: The Visual System
Unit V – Motor Control Systems
Chapter 16: The Basal Ganglia
Chapter 17: The Cerebellum
Chapter 18: The Integration of Motor Control
Unit VI – Memory, Emotion/Motivation, and Homeostasis
Chapter 19: The Hypothalamus
Chapter 20: The Limbic System
Chapter 21: Smell and Taste
Chapter 22: Pain

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