Hawkey’s Atlas of Wild and Exotic Animal Haematology

Hawkey’s Atlas of Wild and Exotic Animal Haematology

By Jaime Samour and Mike Hart

This revised, updated and expanded edition of Christine Hawkey’s A Colour Atlas of Comparative Veterinary Haematology is bursting with high-quality images to aid identification of blood cells and haemoparasites in the different species commonly seen in private practice and zoological collections. It will assist veterinarians in the identification of normal and abnormal blood cells and in understanding the structural differences of blood cells between the various taxa within the Animal Kingdom. With the help of this guide, readers will be able to understand haemoresponses in the presence of specific and non-specific disease processes and identify haemoparasites commonly seen in blood films from wild and exotic animals.

This impressively illustrated comparative haematology atlas is unrivalled in its scope, quality and accuracy. It is a must-have for veterinary students, veterinary surgeons working in general and referral veterinary clinical practices, clinicians working in zoological collections and specialists in exotic animal medicine.

Table of Contents




About the Editors


In Memoriam

1. General Introduction

Section A: Basic Wild and Exotic Animal Haematology

2. Haematopoiesis

3. Normal and Abnormal Red Blood Cells

4. Normal and Abnormal White Blood Cells

5. Normal and Abnormal Platelets and Thrombocytes

Section B: Atlas of Wild and Exotic Animal Haematology

6. Normal and Abnormal Blood Cells

Section C: Atlas of Wild and Exotic Animal Haemoparasites

7. Blood Parasites

Section D: Appendix: Normal Haematology Reference Values in Selected Wild and Exotic Animals




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