Handbook of Exotic Pet Medicine

Handbook Of Exotic Pet Medicine Pdf 

By Marie Kubiak

Handbook of Exotic Pet Medicine PDF provides easy-to-access, detailed information on a wide variety of exotic species that can be encountered in general veterinary practice.

Offering excellent coverage of topics such as basic techniques, preventative health measures, and a formulary for each species, each chapter uses the same easy-to-follow format so that users can find information quickly while working in the clinic. Presented in full colour, with over 400 photographs, the book gives small animal practitioners the confidence to handle and treat more familiar pets such as budgerigars, African grey parrots, bearded dragons, corn snakes, tortoises, pygmy hedgehogs, hamsters and rats. Other species that may be presented less frequently including skunks, marmosets, sugar gliders, koi carp, chameleons and terrapins are also covered in detail to enable clinicians to quickly access relevant information.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of many exotic pet species that veterinarians may encounter in general practice situations
  • Presents evidence-based discussions of topics including biological parameters, husbandry, clinical evaluation, hospitalization requirements, common medical and surgical conditions, radiographic imaging, and more

The Handbook of Exotic Pet Medicine is an ideal one-stop reference for the busy general practitioner seeing the occasional exotic animal, veterinary surgeons with an established exotic animal caseload, veterinary students and veterinary nurses wishing to further their knowledge.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Ground squirrels

Chapter 02: African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Chapter 03: Common marmosets

Chapter 04: Striped Skunk

Chapter 05: Degus

Chapter 06: Mongolian Gerbils

Chapter 07: Hamsters

Chapter 08: Rats

Chapter 09: Sugar Gliders

Chapter 10: Budgerigars and Cockatiels

Chapter 11: Grey parrots

Chapter 12:  Birds of Prey

Chapter 13: Bearded Dragons

Chapter 14: Geckos

Chapter 15: Chameleons

Chapter 16: Corn snakes

Chapter 17: Boas and Pythons

Chapter 18: Mediterranean Tortoises

Chapter 19: African Tortoises

Chapter 20: Terrapins

Chapter 21: Amphibians

Chapter 22: Koi Carp

Chapter 23: Tarantulas

Chapter 24: Giant African Land snails

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