Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals 3rd Edition


Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals 3rd Edition

Genetics And The Behavior Of Domestic Animals 3Rd Edition Book Pdf Download

By Temple Grandin

Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals 3rd Edition PDF offers the latest and most valuable information on animal science and behavioral genetics, carrying on the book’s legacy since its original publication in 1998. This book synthesizes research from behavioral genetics and animal and veterinary science, bridging the gap between these fields. The objective is to show that principles of behavioral genetics have practical applications to agricultural and companion animals. The continuing domestication of animals is a complex process whose myriad impacts on animal behavior are commonly under-appreciated. Genetic factors play a significant role in both species-specific behaviors and behavioral differences exhibited by individuals in the same species. Leading authorities explore the impact of increased intensities of selection on domestic animal behavior. Rodents, cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, herding and guard dogs, and poultry are all included in these discussions of genetics and behavior, making this book useful to veterinarians, livestock producers, laboratory animal researchers and technicians, animal trainers and breeders, and any researcher interested in animal behavior. Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals, Third Edition is the most valuable resource for researchers and practitioners in animal and veterinary science, animal behavior, genetics, ethology, and similar fields. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines will also benefit from the global expertise featured in this newest edition.

  • Provides full and thorough updates to all chapters, ensuring dissemination of the latest data and research
  • Synthesizes research from behavioral genetics, animal science, and veterinary literature
  • Broaches fields of behavior genetics and behavioral research
  • Includes practical applications of principles discovered by behavioral genetics researchers
  • Covers many species ranging from pigs, dogs, foxes, rodents, cattle, horses, and cats
Table of Contents
  1. Behavioral genetics and animal science
  2. Behavioral genetics and animal domestication
  3. How studying interactions between animal emotions, cognition, and personality can contribute to improve farm animal welfare
  4. Genetics and behavior during handling, restraint, and herding
  5. Reproductive and maternal behavior of livestock
  6. Factors influencing the expression of behavior in the domestic dog
  7. From mind to genome: the effect of domestication on dog cognition and genetics
  8. Genetics of domesticated behavior in dogs and foxes
  9. Behavioral genetics in pigs and relations to welfare
  10. Behavior genetics of the horse (Equus caballus)
  11. Genetic selection of poultry to improve welfare
  12. Genetic influences on the behavior of chickens associated with welfare and productivity
  13. Genetics and animal welfare


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