Exploring Animal Behavior in Laboratory and Field, 2nd Edition

Exploring Animal Behavior In Laboratory And Field, 2Nd Edition

By Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo and Susan Margulis

Exploring Animal Behavior in Laboratory and Field, 2nd Edition PDF. Exploring Animal Behavior in Laboratory and Field, Second Edition provides a comprehensive manual on animal behavior lab activities. This new edition brings together basic research and methods, presenting applications and problem-solving techniques. It provides all the details to successfully run designed activities while also offering flexibility and ease in setup. The exercises in this volume address animal behavior at all levels, describing behavior, theory, application and communication. Each lab provides details on how to successfully run the activity while also offering flexibility to instructors. This is an important resource for students educators, researchers and practitioners who want to explore and study animal behavior.

The field of animal behavior has changed dramatically in the past 15 – 20 years, including a greater use and availability of technology and statistical analysis. In addition, animal behavior has taken on a more applied role in the last decade, with a greater emphasis on conservation and applied behavior, hence the necessity for new resources on the topic.

  • Offers an up-to-date representation of animal behavior
  • Examines ethics and approvals for the study of vertebrate animals
  • Includes contributions from a large field of expertise in the Animal Behavior Society
  • Provides a flexible resource that can be used as a laboratory manual or in a flipped classroom setting
Table of Contents

Part I: Describing Behavior
1. Writing Ethograms
2. Observation and Inference
3. Basic Methods of Observational Research
4. Developing Hypotheses

Part II: Theory of Behavior
5. Evolution
6. Sensory Systems
7. Learning
8. Communication
9. Altruism
10. Game Theory
11. Mechanisms
12. Development

Part III: Application of Behavior
13. Positive Reinforcement Training
14. Animal Welfare
15. Conservation Behavior
16. Enrichment
17. Comparative Cognition

Part IV: Communicating Science
18. Reading Scientific Literature
19. IACUC and Similar Applications
20. Writing for the Public
21. Writing for Scientific Publications
22. Appendices
23. Tools for Observation and Data Collection
24. Basic Statistics for Behavior
25. Citations in Science

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