Equine Anesthesia and Pain Management: A Color Handbook pdf

Equine Anesthesia and Pain Management: A Color Handbook

Equine anesthesia and pain management pdf

By Michele Barletta, Jane Quandt and Rachel Reed

Equine Anesthesia and Pain Management: A Color Handbook PDF brings together key information for clinicians in an easy-to-use, problem-orientated format. It disseminates a wealth of knowledge about horse, donkey and mule anesthesia and pain management in a quick reference style, with a focus on clinical practice. Fifteen chapters by expert contributors cover everything from anesthetic equipment, premedication and physical restraint, to total intravenous anesthesia, inhalant anesthesia and partial intravenous anesthesia, recovery, complications and euthanasia. Over 250 superb color photographs and diagrams bring the material to life.

This book will be invaluable to all those who need practical information easily to hand, whether equine practitioner, veterinary technician or nurse, or veterinary student.

Table of Contents

1 Anesthesia Equipment

2 Preanesthetic evaluation

3 Sedation and Restraint for Standing Procedures

4 Induction of Anesthesia

5 Total Intravenous Anesthesia

6 Inhalant Anesthesia and Partial Intravenous Anesthesia

7 Anesthesia monitoring and management

8 Fluid therapy

9 Anesthetic Recovery

10 Complications of Equine Anesthesia

11 Specific Diseases and Procedures

12 Pain

12.1 Physiology, Recognition, and Local Anesthetic Techniques

12.2 Rehabilitation Techniques

12.3 Equine Acupuncture

12.4 Chiropractic

13 Anesthesia and analgesia for donkeys, mules and foals

14 Anesthetic Outcome and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

15. Euthanasia 16 REFERENCE TABLES

16.1 Equine Blood Values

16.2 Equine Drug Dose Ranges.

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