Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Owner

Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Owner PDF

By Lara Shannon

Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Owner PDF. Lara Shannon is a dog lover. Spending her days working (and playing) with dogs as a dog trainer, and as part of her TV show Pooches at Play on Australia’s Network 10, she knows just what a dog needs. In this go-to guide, Lara shares her expertise on how to help your dog live their life to the fullest, covering everything from puppyhood until the end of life across three easy chapters: ‘Eat’, ‘Play’, ‘Love’. The ‘Eat’ chapter includes DIY healthy dog food recipes, information on dog health and diets. The ‘Play’ chapter covers tips on dog training, behaviour and lifestyle issues, as well as a section on dog tricks. And, finally, in the ‘Love’ chapter Lara talks about things to consider before getting a dog through to travelling with dogs, and options when your dog becomes ill or passes away. In Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog), Lara will help you to understand why dogs do what they do, so you can enjoy a full and happy life together with your ‘furever’ pals.

Table of Contents


Why food matters
Dog food trends
What should I feed my dog?
Diet and your dog’s health
The obesity epidemic
Food allergies
How is dog food regulated?
Decoding pet food labels
Dog food types explained
How to change your dog’s diet
The right food for your dog’s age
Toxic foods
The importance of water
Help! My dog isn’t eating
Dog feeding checklist

The importance of play and training
Building a bond through play
How dogs play with each other
Socialisation – it’s essential for puppies
How to manage a lack of socialisation in adult dogs
Signs of anxiety and fear
Understanding fear-based aggression
Dog etiquette in public spaces
How and when to approach a dog
Why dogs need exercise
Looking after your dog’s mental wellbeing
Top tips to beat the home-alone blues
Obedience training
Dog sporting activities
Games and tricks to teach your dog

Building a bond
Before you get a dog
Finding a furry friend
So, you want a puppy?
What you’ll need for your new puppy or dog
Taking your new dog home
Getting a second dog for company
Taking care of your dog’s health
Top tips to help an anxious dog
Your dog and weather extremes
Travel with dogs
Caring for older dogs
Saying goodbye to your beloved pet




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