Voluntary Food Intake and Diet Selection of Farm Animals, 2nd Edition

Voluntary Food Intake and Diet Selection of Farm Animals 2nd Edition PDF

By J. M. Forbes

Voluntary Food Intake and Diet Selection of Farm Animals 2nd Edition PDF. The feeding of farm animals directly effects their growth, health, reproduction and ultimately their economic value and is consequently one of the most studied areas of animal science. Building on the first edition and its predecessor, The Voluntary Food Intake of Farm Animals, Forbes has produced an up-to-date and more focused examination of developments in the understanding of voluntary food intake and new ideas and studies relating to diet selection. Chapters have been reorganized and updated to provide a more streamlined approach.

Table of Contents

Part I: Basics

1: Introduction

2: Feeding Behaviour

Part II: Mechanisms

3: Feedbacks from the Gastrointestinal Tract

4: Metabolites and Hormones

5: Central Nervous System and the Special Senses

6: Learning about Food: Conditioned Preferences and Aversions

7: Diet Selection: Principles

8: Diet Selection: Practicalities

Part III: Theories

9: Integrative Theories of Food Intake Control

10: Minimal Total Discomfort

Part IV: Food Composition

11: Diet Digestibility, Energy Concentration and Supplementation of Forages

12: Protein and Other Nutrients

13: Appetites for Specific Nutrients

14: Silage

Part V: Animal and Environmental Factors

15: Growth and Fattening

16: Reproduction and Lactation

17: Environmental Factors Affecting Intake

18: Epilogue

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