Veterinary Microbiology, 3rd Edition

Veterinary Microbiology, Third Edition is a comprehensive reference on the bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogenic agents that cause animal disease. Now in full color with improved images throughout, the new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect information from current research and diagnostic and clinical publications. Key changes include a review of microbial cell structure and function and increased emphasis on the key points of pathogenesis and host responses to infection.

Organized into four sections, the Third Edition begins with an updated and expanded introductory section on infectious disease pathogenesis, diagnosis and clinical management. The second section covers bacterial and fungal pathogens, and the third section describes viral diseases and viruses.  The final section presents a systematic approach of describing infection and disease of animals. Equally useful for beginning veterinary students and seasoned practitioners, Veterinary Microbiology offers a thorough introduction and reference text for veterinary infectious disease.

About the Author

THE EDITORSD. Scott McVey, DVM, PhD, DACVM, is Past President of ACVM and the Research Leader for the Arthropod-Borne Animal Diseases Unit (USDA, Agricultural Research Service) in Manhattan, KS.Melissa Kennedy, DVM, PhD, DACVM, is Past President of ACVM and Associate Professor and Director of the Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences Department, College of Veterinary Medicine at University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, TN.M.M. Chengappa, BVSc, MVSc, MS, PhD, is Past President of ACVM and a University Distinguished Professor and Head of the Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology Department in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

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