The Science of Food: An Introduction to Food Science, Nutrition and Microbiology

By P. M. Gaman

The Science of Food: An Introduction to Food Science, Nutrition and Microbiology, 2nd Edition PDF conveys basic scientific facts and principles, necessary for the understanding of food science, nutrition, and microbiology. Organized into 17 chapters, this book begins with a discussion on measurement, metrication, basic chemistry, and organic chemistry of foods. Nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, mineral elements, and water in food are then described. The book also covers aspects of food poisoning, food spoilage, and food preservation. This book will be useful to students following TEC diploma courses in Catering, Home Economics, Food Science, FoodTechnology, Dietetics, and Nutrition.

Table of Contents

GAMAN & SHERRINGTON THE SCIENCE OF FOODFront MatterCopyrightPreface to Second Edition



CHAPTER 1 – Measurement and Metrication

CHAPTER 2 – Basic Chemistry

CHAPTER 3 – Organic Chemistry

CHAPTER 4 – Solutions and Colloids

CHAPTER 5 – Carbohydrates

CHAPTER 6 – Fats

CHAPTER 7 – Proteins

CHAPTER 8 – Vitamins

CHAPTER 9 – Mineral Elements and Water

CHAPTER 10 – Basic Physiology

CHAPTER 11 – Enzymes and Digestion

CHAPTER 12 – Food and Energy

CHAPTER 13 – Commodities

CHAPTER 14 – Applied Nutrition

CHAPTER 15 – An Introduction to Microbiology

CHAPTER 16 – Food Poisoning and its Prevention

CHAPTER 17 – Food Spoilage and Food Preservation

APPENDIX I – Percentage contribution of different foods to the nutrient content of the average household diet

APPENDIX II – Recommended daily amounts of food energy and nutrients for population groups in the United Kingdom (Department of Health and Social Security, 1979)


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