Illustrated Textbook of Clinical Diagnosis in Farm Animals

Illustrated Textbook of Clinical Diagnosis in Farm Animals PDF

By Philip R Scott

Illustrated Textbook of Clinical Diagnosis in Farm Animals PDF. Providing veterinary students with a brand-new approach to large animal medicine, this portable textbook first describes the detailed examination of each organ system achievable on the farm using technologies such as rapid ultrasound examination and radiography, illustrated via unique images and video recordings. Key points, images and video recordings then provide the ranked lists of differential diagnoses for common farm animal clinical presentations requested by veterinary students to aid their examination. The repository of over 1000 30-60 second video clips accompanying the book show the clinical presentation, diagnosis, recovery or pathology of all common disorders, accessible on the farm with a smart phone.

Packed with imagery, the text distils the essential information in a logical, easily accessible way, aiding diagnosis. Small and spiral-bound, the book offers a lifeline for veterinary students during their EMS (extra-mural studies) placements.

Table of Contents


PART 1 Veterinary Involvement on Farms

Chapter 1.1 Flock Inspection

Chapter 1.2 General examination: Toxaemia

Chapter 1.3 Pain and Fear

Chapter 1.4 Promoting veterinary services by demonstrating a benefit:cost

Chapter 1.5 Identification of acute disease in cattle

Chapter 1.6 Identification of chronic illness in cattle

PART 2 Examination of Organ Systems

Chapter 2.1 Examination of the Reproductive System

Chapter 2.2 Examination of the Digestive System

Chapter 2.3 Examination of the Respiratory System

Chapter 2.4 Examination of the Cardiovascular System

Chapter 2.5 Examination of the Nervous System

Chapter 2.6 Examination of the Musculoskeletal System

Chapter 2.7 Examination of the Urinary System

Chapter 2.8 Examination of the Skin/Fleece

Chapter 2.9 Examination of the Udder

PART 3 Clinical Problems

Chapter 3.1 Blindness

Chapter 3.2 Behavioural changes

Chapter 3.3 Weakness – spinal lesions

Chapter 3.4 Common causes of diarrhoea

Chapter 3.5 Common causes of poor appetite and low body condition

Chapter 3.6 Common causes of increased abdominal content

Chapter 3.7 Common causes of abortion in sheep

Chapter 3.8 Common causes of dystocia

Chapter 3.9 Common causes of tenesmus and prolapse

Chapter 3.10 Lameness

Chapter 3.11 Skeletal system/fractures

Chapter 3.12 Common causes of muscle lesions

Chapter 3.13 Common causes of peripheral oedema, jugular distension and ascites

Chapter 3.14 Veterinary investigation of perinatal mortality

Chapter 3.15 Poor growth rate

Chapter 3.16 Poor conception/pregnancy rate in sheep

Chapter 3.17 Common causes of tachypnoea and/or coughing

Chapter 3.18 Common causes of changes in scrotal size

Chapter 3.19 Common causes of skin lesions

Chapter 3.20 Common causes of facial/mandibular swellings in cattle

Chapter 3.21 Common causes of subcutaneous swellings in cattle

Chapter 3.22 Common causes of sudden death

Chapter 3.23 Udder lesions in cattle

Chapter 3.24 Common causes of mastitis in sheep

Chapter 3.25 Common causes of abnormal urination in sheep

Chapter 3.26 Common conditions of the penis in rams

Chapter 3.27 Common causes of weakness/recumbency

Chapter 3.28 Common causes of chronic weight loss/emaciation

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