The Field Guide to Horses

The Field Guide to Horses PDF

By Samantha Johnson and Daniel Johnson

The Field Guide to Horses PDF. Thinking of acquiring a horse? Studying equine breeds and traits? Or simply curious about the magnificent creatures? This book, with profiles of one hundred horse, pony, and draft breeds, is the most comprehensive field guide to horses ever published. Illustrated throughout with fine color photographs, the profiles detail the characteristics and unique aspects of each breed; they also include brief histories and explain distinctions of equine color genetics, markings and patterns, and conformation. Complete, concise, and compact, this field guide is as handy as it is informative–the perfect companion for anyone considering horses.

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Table of Contents


Chapter I: An Introduction to Horses

Chapter 2: Beyond the Basics

Chapter 3: Identifying Horse Colors

Chapter 4: White Markings and Other Identifying Characteristics

Chapter 5: Coat Patterns

Chapter 6: Breed Profiles



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